A newly revealed service called WPbeta.me claims that it will make beta testing apps for Windows Phone developers easier by creating a custom landing page that can be shared with either private or public testers.

Created by Domagoj Pavlesic, the service takes the AppID submitted by developers to WPbeta.me and then uses the app metadata to generate the landing page. It adds:

"The only thing testers have to do is click on a button, login with their Microsoft Account (that's how we make sure that they give you a valid e-mail address) and you'll have them on the list. You occasionally have to copy the list of beta testers from our site to your Dev Center account – and they'll get an e-mail with the direct download link. You can even track who has clicked on the link and when."

The service is free and to help celebrate its launch, WPBeta.me will give away 10 $50 AdDuplex coupons to randomly chosen apps that use the service on August 15th. Of course, there are other ways to get people to beta test Windows Phone apps, and one of them is WPCentral's own forums that have a dedicated beta testing section.

What do you think of this new method to beta test apps for Windows Phone?

Source: WPBeta.me