Although the official WPCentral app has only been out for about 36 hours, we're hard at work bringing you v1.2 soon which will add a few new features and settings that many of you have requested. (Submitting comments and forum integration is coming, but those will be coming in later releases, as they're big projects)

Our developer Jay Bennett has already a working beta v1.2 and he made a video to show off what he has done so far. We gotta say, the "all black" option looks pretty slick too.

For those of you who added suggestions for the settings screen coming in v1.2, here’s a sneak peak at those options in action:

As I mention in the video, I’m looking into adding an option to increase the font size for the article viewing for this release as well.

As always, submit comments on Jay's blog, via the app or in comments below. And thanks everyone for the reviews in the Marketplace, it's much appreciated!