After a recent fix for our Windows Phone app, our developer extraordinaire Jay Bennett has turned his attention back to our Windows 8.1 Modern app. Today, a new update is now available and not only do we have the full changelog, we are proud to note it is more than 'bug fixes and general improvements.'

Without a doubt, one of the most requested features is finally here: the ability to set the default accent color of the app by the user. Therefore, instead of our banner magenta color, much like our Windows Phone app, you can now choose which accent color works for you. Another big feature is Mobile Nations Passport support for logins, but there is even more...

WPCentral Windows 8.1 Modern App v1.2.0.2

  • New: Custom color options in the app, head to settings to personalize your install
  • New: Switched to the new Mobile Nations network stack for less data use
  • New: Log in with your Mobile Nations Passport including Microsoft account, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • New: Improved experience for mouse and keyboard users by removing poor hover over visual states
  • Fixed: Issues with dates not showing correctly
  • Fixed: An issue that occurred in the image viewer causing zoom to fail

Before anyone asks, our development of a universal app i.e. one that shares code between the Phone and Modern version, along with the UI overhaul, is just getting started. Indeed, I'll be getting an early version tomorrow, so progress on that front is going forward. Unfortunately, we do not yet have an ETA as there is still much work to do, but I will keep you folks posted when there is more to report.

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