Over the last week, some users have been experiencing issues with the WPCentral app for Windows Phone and our massive forums. Specifically, users are getting error messages when trying to access the feature through the app. I let you know last week about the problem, when we re-launched our mobile site, and that our developer Jay Bennett would address the issue as soon as he came back from vacation.

Today, version v4.5.5.915 is now live in the Store and brings along with it that hotfix for the forum issues. The update should resolve any connecting issues that people with Windows Phone 8 and higher were having.

Unfortunately, the Windows Phone 7 version of the app requires more testing so it may take a few more days before the code is successfully patched for those users. Luckily, the majority of you are on Windows Phone 8.x these days, so there should be no problems.

No new features in this update, as it is just a rapid patch to fix the lingering forum problem and our apologies for the inconvenience. Let us know in comments if it is working for you.

(And if you left a negative review, we would appreciate if you could revisit your criticism)!

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