Mango Beta2 is out to developers and we are making ring tones to share and listening to streaming music on our Skydrive that was added to the office hub. We now have a lot more to talk about when it come to Mango and we are learning more each day.

Big D5 - Now that we have a way lets post em up I'll start. Attached is a couple of my favorite Kid Rock ring tones. Just unzip then drag and drop in to Zune and fallow the instructions.

TheWeeBear - I just made a Music folder on my SkyDrive and popped a couple of MP3's in it and accessed it via the Office hub and guess what ? They Stream perfectly via 3G in Zune Wow!

It never used to work. Is it perhaps a Mango thing? I have unlimited data so don't panic. Just thought i'd share. :)

There is even more to learn about Windows Phone. Thought you knew everything? Ever wanted to know how to move the cursor around?

hardrock1a - And I thought that I would mention it here since I had not heard or seen this mentioned before. When entering text, ever cursed it because you didn't have arrow keys? Couldn't get the cursor placed where you needed it?

Do you have a favorite weather app? Take the poll and weigh in on the discussion.

TheWeeBear - I've tried them all and still like the 'Weather Channel' app the best it loads fast and is nice and clear and displaying what you want. I also like it's Facebook integration.

I like weather bug and Accuweather too although it's a bit 'Sticky' and slow at the moment. Nice though that we have such a variety to chose from. :) I voted for my beloved Weather Channel in the Poll. :)

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