This week in the forums it's all about the hardware. The Windows Phone Central “Nokia Lumia forums” are up and running so come join the conversation and pick up all the need to know info on Nokia’s new devices. We are also talking about the new hardware headed to AT&T. Get in the conversation in our “Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash Forums”. It looks like these two devices are launching this Sunday on the 6th. We have all the talk on the new windows devices plus we're discussing what might be coming down the road in our sub-forum "Upcoming & Rumored Devices". Do you know some hot new info? Let us know!

Forum member olly666 can’t make up his mind do you think you can convince him to get a Windows Phone? He need s your help come give him your opinion in this thread. And d03jke wants to know "How often do you change the theme on your device?"

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