We are talking hardware this week in the WPCentral Forums and Sunday we got our first taste of the next generation hardware in the US with the release of the Samsung Focus S 4G and the Samsung Focus Flash 4G on AT&T. We have been discussing the releases all week. Come read all the before-and-after reactions in this thread: "Can't wait for Sunday?

Can’t decide if the Focus S is the device for you?  Check out all the available reviews of the Focus S in this thread: "Samsung Focus S hands on and reviews combined". Forum member baseballburt says "S must stand for "snooozer" in reaction to the Focus S and its 16 GB of storage memory. What do you think? Is 16 GB enough for you?

We got news the official Chevron WP7 Labs is available this week. Forum member Figure 8 Dash wants to know "Are you gonna use the official MS/Chevron WP7 Labs unlocker?" In other fun, baseballburt wants to know "What's your ringtone?"

We hope that was enough interesting news to get you in to the forums, but if you need a little more incentive, stop in at our Applications Spotlight and Games Spotlight forums and see what our Windows Phone developers have been up to. Here are a few of the titles posted this week:

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