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Bust...Busy...Busy the forums are going crazy with everything from Tokens for the ChevronWP7 Labs unlocker to lots of new apps in our Spotlight forums. Let's talk about tokens first you can join the discussion in this thread: Tokens are available! Now that you have the necessary information to get your device unlocked it's time stop in at out Custom Windows Phone Themes forum and pick up a couple of themes. This Clear Blue theme looks really sweet I also like this Red Velvet Tile Theme so stop in and pick your favorite.

We have some good beta tests going on in our Developers Beta Testing forums, Do you feel like testing some apps what better way to help Windows Phone grow. Here are a couple of examples of beta testes that you can join:

Judge_Daniel needs your help he has broken his phone lets help him make the rite decision shale we. You can help him out in this thread; The Worst Possible Thing Happened. :P

If that's not enough to get you into the WPC Forums maybe our Applications Spotlight and Games Spotlight forums will entice you. Here are a few of the great titles posted this week:

Applications Spotlight

Games Spotlight

Just remember to get registered. I want you to join the fun.