"Let the grand webOS migration of 2011 commence!" That just about says it all. This week the big news in the forums is HP closing the doors on webOS. Now you webOS hold outs have a decision to make and a lot of you are making the right one by choosing Windows Phone as your next OS. I want to personally say a big WPCentral "Howdy Y'all and welcome" to all our new webOS migrants.

We have a few threads for you so jump in and sound off. Show your webOS pride and ask questions about your new favorite OS Window Phone 7. We already have some great threads started. You can let those feelings out in this thread "Man the webOS deal has me pretty sad." You shouldn't keep that stuff bottled up. You can show your webOS pride in our meet and greet thread "webOS Refugees - Meet Here" or just "Pay our respects to the final days of webOS..."

In other forums news here is a great feel good story "Can't do that with an iPhone!!". You know what? He's right.

Don't forget to stop in at our Developer Spotlight forums to pick up some great apps and games. Please take a minute to support all those great developers who are posting there Apps and Games in the WPC forums.



Welcome again to all the new migrants I am sure you will find that WP7 is a great platform. We can't replace webOS but given a chance I am confidant that you will love WP7 just as much. Just remember to get registered. I want you to join the fun.