This week we are talking about Mango, what’s there and more importantly what’s missing. It seems that the 500 improvements that are coming with Mango just aren’t enough. One of the biggest areas to improve upon are notifications. What are we missing? We have started a list, now tell us what you think should be done. Maybe you don’t think Mango will save Windows Phone. Are we doomed or are we just over-reacting because our personal favorite thing is missing from Mango? What will save Windows Phone? I know you have an opinion on this one, let’s hear it.

With so many webOS migrants joining the forums, "How many of y'all came from android" is what we want to know next. We also want to know who you are or if you just want to know who is hanging in the WPC forums.  In "Freaking Windows Phone 7",  this guy says Windows Phone ruined his TouchPad. How could this be?

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