Wow! What a busy week it has been in the forums. Lots to talk about so grab a beer and get in here you’re missing all the fun. With the introduction of the Titan and the Radar this week at Thread: HTC Event we are getting a look at what our next generation Mango Windows Phone 7.5 devices will look like. I must say, very nice. in fact, I started this thread: "My next device, who's with me?" Of course, there are those who are thinking "OEMs aren't doing any favors to Microsoft". What? Is the next generation hardware up to par? Can Microsoft beat the competition with devices like the Titan and Radar?

"Are Apps over-rated?" How many apps do you use and how much of what you use should Microsoft bake in to Windows Phone OS? We need everyone’s opinion on this one.  

"So AT&T is apparently giving free Samsung Focus with cheap data plans." Is it true? Have you gotten your Focus this week? Does this mean there new Mango devices headed to AT&T? We need to get this figured out!

We have added an "Introductions" sub-forum this week so stop in and introduce yourself. If you’re new to our community or if you've been around for a while, stop in and say hello.

We have some interesting additions to the Application and Gaming Spotlight forums again this week check out these applications.

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