We have been spending a lot of time fooling around in the forums and you’re not going to believe this. Sure you can't say he’s serious, or is he? I’m not really sure either. What am I talking about? You’ll just have to read the thread: "Do you ever just..."  Then there is this: "New owners: How do you manage expectation of failure?" Now that doesn’t make any sense does it? You be the judge. If you want to know what it all about you will have to read the threads.

We are also talking about Samsung and the future of Windows Phone. "Sprint and/or Verizon getting some Samsung love" we sure hope so. But wait this just in: "Samsung ditiching WP7...", hopefully this is just a bad rumor.

"Apps missing from WP7". What are your favorite apps that haven’t made it to Windows Phone yet? We are making a list come tell us what apps you want to see on Windows Phone.

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