WE HAVE RING TONES”. You wanted some ring tones and the WPC Community has come through. The Mango update gave Windows Phones the ability to add custom Ring Tones and the great members of the WPC Forums are working hard to make sure we have plenty to choose from.  So came check out this thread, it’s a must see.

Do we need another major update? Some folks think so in user-generated poll by blackhawk556. Come voice your opinion on the matter as there' some interesting discussions going on.  Moving on to other issues, could Windows Phone fail as a platform? While it's a solid OS, it's all about gaining traction in the market--which so far hasn't happened. What say you? While your thinking through those topics maybe you can help us welcome 'archer75' to the club or maybe you’re the one who just go their first Windows Phone? Curious about the HTC Titan? Listen to what member 'shaunydub' has to say on his new toy. Now for those of us on Sprint and Verizon 'mmaman' has a message for us "As an AT&T user I feel bad for you other carriers...".

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