Mango is out and with that it is time for us Windows Phone 7 users to get a little respect from all those other OS’s. Even Rich Jaroslovsky of Bloomberg has something to say about it. Join us in the discussion: "The Eyes Opening to WP7 Is Beginning" Now that we are starting to earn some respect, what else do we need to get this party started? O_o yah! We need some advertising and who better to get the ball rolling than Microsoft? Are we ready or has Microsoft waited to long?

Now for some fun! WPGenius noticed something you might want to check out. In this thread you can learn how to “amaze your friends”. We are getting a little silly in the forums these days and that’s okay but in all seriousness Vector555 and I have to know "What is your phone's name?".

What a week for our developer community. We have had a bunch of new Applications and Games land in our Spotlight forums this week and I think we might have set a new record. If you haven’t stopped in to check out what’s new, you better. Here are a few of this week’s titles.

Applications Spotlight;

Games Spotlight:

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