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We have been hard at work in the forums making changes and thanks to the ONE of a kind talents of Cory Streater, Mobile Nations Admin Extraordinaire, we now have the greatest Forums on the Internet. (I might be biased on this but I am entitled to my opinion, or maybe not.) If you haven't been in the WPCentral Forums lately, you should stop in and take a look around. It's a brand new year so it's time for a new 2012 look. In addition, we have a new set of forums tools and gadgets to get us all started.


It's not just the look that has changed though. This face lift involved a total rebuild of the website. We added the WPCentral ad banner to the right hand side of the forums home page. This is where WPCentral will place ads (you know, a place to help pay the bills) but you wont see this ad space if your signed in to the forums. Our registered Members get to enjoy the forums ad banner free.

What else is new? I'm glad you asked. Look under the Search for more search options

  • Tag search
  • Advanced search
  • All Thanked posts
  • Unanswered threads
  • My threads
  • My posts

Look under Community Links to find

  • Forums leaders
  • Social Groups
  • Pictures and Albums
  • Contacts & Friends
  • Members List

When you have a second, check out Pictures and Albums. This is where you can put those pics then add them via image links to your posts in the forums. And that is just a few of the gadgets and tools that were added. The groundwork has been laid for even more so jump in the forums and take advantage of all WPCentral has to offer. So get registered today.