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Right at the top of the WPCentral forums is our Windows Phone 7 OS Discussion area. This Forum is our complete WP7 discussion forum where we help people with all types of Windows Phone issues. This forum is where we praise Windows Phone and we even complain about it a little. If you're looking for help with your Windows Phone you might find what you're looking for in this area. You can start by checking out the stickies at the top of the forum--we have topics like "WP7 -the NOT so Obvious" which was created by Se1fcr3ation, one of our hard working forum members. We also have a Windows Phone 7.5 frequently asked questions thread, filled with answers to all the questions we see being asked time and time again.

There are other great threads all about the Windows Phone such as this discussion about the design: Don't you think the WP UI overuses/underuses space too often? We need your input and that thread includes a poll, so be sure to place your vote.

Our WPCentral Windows Phone 7 OS Discussion forum is a great place to get information about Windows Phone but it's an even a better place for you to post your questions. We love it when you do that! Remember you have to be registered to post, so sign up today.