Y’all want Mango talk? We have it all in our forums!

We have been discussing Mango and the update for a while now and some folks here have made some bold predictions in this thread: "Mango coming in a week or two". Do you have a device on AT&T? Well then, you should check out this thread: "Mango For (Most) AT&T Devices Tuesday the 27th".

Verizon Trophy users are told their Mango update is coming soon. No one is more surprised than I that Verizon is on board with the Trophy and yet still nothing official from Sprint? I said nothing official but it looks like unofficially, Sprint is launching Mango with the rest of the carriers. Plus tethering!

When you get done making the rounds in those threads, grab a drink and come join us as we share the first Mango thing you'll do after your update.

Here are some other great Mango discussions:

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