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That's right people, we have ringtones and lots of them in the WPCentral forums! As you may know, since the release of Mango we have had the ability to add Ringtones to our devices. The only issue has been where to get them. It's hard enough to find the perfect ringtone, it's even harder to get it formatted properly and added to your device. No worries though, the great members of our forums have you covered.

Come join us in our 'Post your Mango phones Ringtones here' thread where you will find lots of great ringers ready for download. You will also find instructions on how to get them loaded up (you will need a PC with Zune Desktop. It's really a simple process).

Here are a few of the great ringtones that you can get right now:

That's just a few from a couple of posts (we're reaching double-digits deep in that thread). If you can't find what you are looking for be sure to post up a request as our forum members love to do this stuff. We're sure someone will take the challenge and get that ringtone ready for you!