Late last week, Windows Phone Central had a nice little refresh to our website. The new header to the site has a more modern appearance, is dynamic (try clicking into a story and watch it change topics), and it features more of our guides and super pages, like our Windows Phone 8.1 Update Tracker for quick access.

The one downside to the deployment was the color scheme was not exactly _something many of us wanted. Of course, I mentioned we would be changing it soon and sure enough, our hardworking developers and designers have brought back our familiar magenta, and cyan colors from days past. Hooray! Therefore, you get those new features _and the accustomed colors too. Later, we can still look to add custom themes for registered members.

For now, we continue to monitor and tweak the website, including further optimizations for mobile browsers. Going down the road, we still have new features to rollout, including comments and more, but we are taking a slow approach instead of doing it all at once to minimize any unforeseen challenges.

So, what do you think? Let us know in comments or leave feedback in our forums!

Note: If you are not seeing the same color scheme above, try clearing your browser cache.