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Do you know Windows Phone Games? Our Forums Members do. Just a quick look at the stickies in our Marketplace Games forum will tell you that. A lot of good work is going on in there--wait a minute, can you really call it work when you're playing games? Well, you don't have to play to get all the good information. WPCentral writer Paul Acevedo has it all spelled out for us.

First, you will need an Xbox Live Games List. Next it is important to know what Games have broken Achievements or Achievements that require internet connections--very important stuff for a true gamer. That should be enough to help you get your game on. When you hit that hard spot and need a tip, just jump back in the Marketplace Games forums and let us know our crazy mad gamers will help you out.

We also have a great series of Xbox Live developer interviews you can peruse if you want the latest from the devs of Windows Phone games. Don't forget to stop in to our Games Spotlight forums where we have 100+ games posted and counting. These Games were added to these forums buy developers--they want you to try their games and give them feedback, so help 'em out if you have a chance. 

All you Developers: don't forget that the Games Spotlight forum is for you, so post up those games we love it when you do that. 

Now we know all that is going to take time to get through you don't have to do it all today. Besides sometimes you just wanna play some AlphaJax...

We told you our WPCentral Marketplace Games Forums are great!