WPDevCon is an independent developer conference, which was is to be held in San Francisco later this year. We previously covered the announcement of plans to hold the first independent event focusing solely on Windows Phone development. It's set to be a bash with over 50 classes and workshops, not to mention a number of speakers attending.

There are three skill ranges that are planned for the three days, which include:

  • WP Essentials: These technical classes and workshops are for all Windows Phone developers, and cover all programming topics.
  • WP Enterprise: These technical sessions cover topics specific to building and managing apps for employees, business customers and partners, such as back-end integration with corporate applications and the Cloud.
  • WP Marketing: These business-oriented sessions cover everything you need to know about the Windows Phone marketplace, including app marketing and distribution.

Unfortunately, the event organisers took to Twitter on Monday to announce the WPDevCon event has been postponed until 2013. The reason is to allow Windows Phone 8 to be launched and for new hardware and apps to be released, which will enable the event to better focus on the next major version of the mobile platform.

We'll keep you guys up to date with any information that comes to light regarding new WPDevCon dates (and we'll be there to cover the event when it happens). It seems as though everything is beginning to ride on the Apollo / Windows 8 wave, here's hoping it'll be a tsunami.

Windows Phone Central is proud to be a lead WP Community Partner for this event.

Thanks, Drew, for the tip!