Nokia Ace New Year Baby!

As we fast approach the 2012 mark, we just want to take a moment to wish everyone a happy new year. We'd also like to extend a big thanks to our readers who have submitted tips, app review requests, participated in our forums, used our official app and listened to our podcast--you've helped drive one of the largest Windows Phone communities in the world!

While Windows Phone is slowly getting into the zeitgeist of the mobile arena, recently getting very positive word of mouth, we're still hoping for that big, explosive moment to happen early-mid 2012 where mass adoption becomes the norm. We think Nokia will play a large part in that role, especially here in the U.S. where we expect a few Nokia devices e.g. Lumia 710 to land on our shores. Most anticipated of all is the Nokia 900 "Ace" which should be announced in a few weeks at CES in Las Vegas with a launch on AT&T--if there was a phone that will be used as metric for OS health, it will be that one. Of course, we'll be at CES as well as Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, in February) to cover all the new Microsoft promulgations.

The 710: King of the World!

Finally, we also have the "Tango" and "Apollo" (Windows Phone 8) updates this year to look forward too on top of new 4G LTE devices from HTC and Samsung--oh and lets not forget that Skype-thing. Combined with the Windows 8 launch later in 2012, the Windows Phone ecosystem should have all features and flashy hardware lined up to really 'wow' people.  And then there's version 2.0 of our official app. So here's hoping to an exciting 2012!

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