Wheres My bloody Update

On Friday we covered Microsoft's plan to alter how updates for Windows Phone are communicated to consumers. Depending on how you read and took the announcement (some readers were slightly heated in the comments), Microsoft is looking to the future with how they can effectively publish said information. Currently, the "Where's my update?" page displays a huge table covering each carrier and handset. With more handsets being released, and older devices continuing to be supported with new updates, this table would continue to significantly grow.

The pending changes will alter the way we are currently waiting for updates. The software giant wishes consumers to wait for the notification on their Windows Phone (or in Zune once connected to a PC) and check Update Central, as opposed to focusing entirely on the likes of "Where's my update?" for dates and status reports.

What happens with regards to carriers and update control will have to be seen with what occurs with the 8107 rollout and in the coming months. We're not entirely certain if what's in store will be good or bad, but WPDownUnder has taken things into their own hands and has released their version of the "Where's my Update?" with "Where's my Bloody Update?".

This new webpage will be useful for Aussies who wish to continue to keep up-to-date with updates across the Australian carriers: Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. For the rest of us, we'll be in for a ride to see what happens.

Source: WPDownUnder; Thanks, Sheeds, for the tip!

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