Wunderlist 3

The team behind the popular cross-platform task manager Wunderlist have shared details on the company's plans for Wunderlist 3. In an announcement post on the official blog, it's claimed version 3 will be the largest update released yet, packing a brand new design, real-time synchronization and more. The update isn't ready just yet, but a video teaser and some Windows version details have been shared.

Wunderlist 3 will indeed be heading to Microsoft's Windows 8, however, in responses to comments, the team were unable to confirm whether or not Windows Phone will also receive similar treatment. We sure hope so as it has been some time since the app was unpublished and left to rot. The following quote is from Wunderlist's Simon:

"About Windows Phone 8, our plan is to first bring out our Windows 8 app. After that's crossed off our list, we'll look into doing the same for WP8."

While it's said the team will look into a Windows Phone release once Windows 8 has been squared away, this is no confirmation that it will happen. We'll have to wait and see. That said, check out what's new in version 3 in the below video:

Are you looking forward to Wunderlist 3?

Source: Wunderlist; thanks, Dries De Schepper, for the tip!