Access to Wunderlist, the popular to-do list service owned by Microsoft, has been down for over a day for some users. So far, there's no word on when normal operations will resume.


A check of the Wunderlist status page shows that the problems began on September 21 resulting from "issues with synchronization and task creation across all platforms." Apparently, the problems are much bigger than what the team first thought; the latest update on the status page says:

Our engineers are getting ever closer to a solution. We can only apologise that it's taking longer than expected. We'll update with more news soon.

Microsoft acquired Wunderlist, along with its developer 6Wunderkinder, in June 2015. We will keep you up to date on the status of Wunderlist's current issues.

Thanks to Blkeagle, Ron, Yodani and himanshuboruah for the tips!

Download Wunderlist for Windows 10 in the Windows Store

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