WWE Network brings the smack down to Xbox One

The WWE Network is now ready to stream all of the greatest in entertainment wrestling to your Xbox One. When the WWE Network was announced back at CES, we were told that it would be coming to to the Xbox. What wasn't clear at the time, however, was which Xbox they meant. Turns out they mean the older Xbox 360, which means today's news is welcome news for WWE fans that had moved on to the newer, more powerful, and all around better Xbox One.

Nothing else about the WWE Network has changed for Xbox One users. It's still $9.99 a month for unlimited streaming of the entire WWE back catalog, scheduled programming, and WWE pay-per-view events.

That said, there is one more stipulation: You'll need an Xbox Live Gold membership to download the WWE Network app onto your Xbox One. But you probably have one of those anyway. And, alas, there's no sign yet of a WWE Network app for Windows Phone, but there is at least an official WWE app for Windows Phone that offers wrestler profiles and the like.

Source: WWE