Microsoft's recently acquired app development tools company Xamarin has now officially offered its SDKs for Android, iOS and Mac as open-sourced projects. It also announced new features that will be added to its development tools. Microsoft and Xamarin previously announced their open source plans at the Build 2016 conference.


The open-sourced SDKs are being made available to the .NET Foundation under the MIT license. Xamarin stated:

As with any open source project, there are many ways to contribute. We've described several options for participating in the Xamarin SDK open source project, from major contributions to those taking as little as a few minutes of your time.

Xamarin is also holding its annual Evolve developer conference in Orlando, Florida this week, and it has announced a number of new features and tools. One of them is the Xamarin Studio 6 Release Candidate:

Xamarin Studio has been redesigned and now sports an updated style with 5,727 new icons, a beautiful dark theme, and improved syntax highlighting scheme to make developing mobile apps on a Mac a pleasure.

Microsoft previously announced at Build that all users of its Visual Studio development software will be able to access Xamarin's tools at no additional cost.