Riddlersoft Games, the UK indie developer responsible for A Robot’s Conundrum and Abyss: The Great Ascent, will soon publish a new indie Windows Phone title: OSR: Unhinged.

OSR, aka Old School Racer, first debuted on consoles as an Xbox Live Indie Game. It’s basically a Trials HD-style physics-based stunt game. If you haven’t played Trials, think Jet Car Stunts but in 2D. Not my kind of game, but lots of people love ‘em. The mobile version adds some extra content, which is always welcome.

Here’s the feature list for the Windows Phone version:

  • 30 Unique levels with alternative roots and hidden tokens.
  • 6 mini games.
  • 200 tokens to collect
  • 10 bikes to unlock
  • Your own ghost to race against.
  • Leaderboards for every level and mini games
  • Elite Leaderboards that give your overall rank as well as interesting statistics.
  • Smooth performance and tight controls.
  • Lots of options to set the game up as you want.

OSR Unhinged should be available on Windows Phone later this month. If you can’t wait, the Xbox 360 version is now available for 80 Microsoft Points ($1). Grab it here from a PC or Mac.

Source: WP7Connect; Thanks, Dale, for the heads up!