Destiny developer Bungie has revealed that, starting sometime in August, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players of the first person shooter will get a lot less content and updates than their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 counterparts.


Bungie has already announced that the next paid expansion pack for Destiny, Rise of Iron, won't be offered to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 players. This week, the developer said those two platforms will be considered "Legacy Consoles" and it posted an FAQ detailing what will and what won't be offered for those players starting in August.

Live Events and the weekly Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner events won't be available for Destiny Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 consoles starting in August. Also, while Xûr will still be available to players for those consoles, it will no longer offer Individual Exotic Weapons and Armor pieces. Most of the ways to purchase in-game Silver will also be removed from the Legacy Console versions of Destiny.

You can still move your Destiny character, with all of its progress, from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One version, or from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. Some players might need to repurchase the game for the new console, however.