Xbox app and Outlook Mail and Calendar snag minor updates

Outlook Mail and Calendar and the Xbox app are the latest of Microsoft's core set of apps to score updates on Windows 10 Mobile today. Unfortunately, you'll be disappointed if you're looking forward to some new fancy features.

The latest update to Outlook Mail and Calendar springs the app from version 6506 to 6509. While there doesn't appear to be anything new that's user-facing, the app does feel noticeably faster (yes, it "seems faster"). As for the Xbox app, you're looking at a jump from version 11.11.19012 to 11.12.9011. Again, there's nothing noticeable to report with this update either.

Still, it's likely that both updates contain some bug fixes and improvements, so not all is lost. Be sure to hit up the Windows Store links below to grab the updates, and let us know if you happen to spot anything new or notable.

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