Microsoft's apps on Windows 10 are slowly getting updated with elements of the company's new design language, Fluent Design, and now it's the Xbox app's turn at the plate. Fluent Design overall encompasses a number of different lighting and translucency effects (among others), and it's the latter that appears in the latest Xbox app update now rolling out to everyone.

Xbox app for Windows 10 adds a touch of Fluent Design for everyone

At the moment, the only place that a semblance of Fluent Design shows up is in the hamburger menu. When opened, the menu now features the sort of grainy "acrylic" translucency that Microsoft has added to a number of its other apps in recent months. If you've been using the Xbox (Beta) app for Windows 10, you've already had this effect since late June. However, it's only now making its way to the main, non-beta Xbox app.

It's no doubt a minor addition, but it's a good sign to see the effect creeping its way into another of Microsoft's own apps. If you want to check it out for yourself, you'll want to update to version 30.31.1001.0 from the Windows Store now. And as noted by the folks at MSPU, the effect is available on Mobile as well, where it arguably looks even better without as much noise.

Download the Xbox app from the Windows Store

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