Xbox One - "Xbox, On"

Major Nelson already demonstrated just how fast the Xbox One can recognize your Xbox code cards, and now he is out to show us just how fast the unit can boot up. In a video, that Nelson posted on his own Instagram account, he gives the command of “Xbox, on” and the unit comes to life in thirteen seconds.

Nelson tweeted on Wednesday that the Xbox One itself can “power up and sign into Xbox One with Kinect... Faster than you can find your controller”.

While, I don’t think it takes thirteen seconds to find my controller, the ability to boot up Xbox One with a simple voice command is an awesome feature that is sure to find use in my household.

It isn’t clarified if the boot up time is from a cold boot (system completely off) or from the console’s standby mode. Either way, Microsoft promises to get you into the action and your favorite entertainment faster than ever before.

Source: Twitter; via The Verge