It seems like we've been building up to this for so long now, and the day has finally arrived. The big Xbox press conference at E3 2016 is upon us and we finally get to see what Phil Spencer, Mike Ybarra and the rest of the team have in store for us.

We're expecting plenty on the games front, with Gears of War 4, a new Forza game, Halo Wars 2 and many more on the cards. But, after the recent leaks of the Xbox One S, we're also pretty nailed on to get some refreshed hardware to talk about as well.

Things kick off at 9.30 a.m. local time in California, which is 12.30 p.m. Eastern and 5.30 p.m. in the UK. You'll be able to watch live in a variety of ways but we'll also be liveblogging the whole thing from the ground. And as an added bonus we'll have a community chat going on below so you guys can all join in at home!

Sadly the embed doesn't seem to work in our Windows 10 app, so sorry folks you'll have to be in the browser for this one. Hopefully something we can get sorted for the future.


Community Chat