Microsoft introduced the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller last week at E3 2015. The $149.99 gamepad is designed to be a high-end product, made for hardcore gamers and eSports participants. A new video from Microsoft reveals more information on the controlller, which is due out in late October.

The video shows Microsoft's David Prien talking about how the Elite controller is heavier than the standard Xbox One gamepad, due to the company adding steel parts to the Elite version. It also has a low-friction material place inside the top housing, so that the controller's analog sticks don't wear out as quickly in the hands of hardcore gamers.

The video also shows the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller's application for the Xbox One, which will allow owners to remap any button, trigger, bumper and gamepad. The controller can also save two different button profiles so gamers can switch from one to another for different game situations.

The video also shows the removable thumbsticks and D-pads on the controller so that gamers can have even more choices when it comes to customizing their controller layout.

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Source: Xbox (YouTube)

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