Xbox One Feedback

The Xbox One has been out for nearly two weeks. We’re loving ours and the majority of you folks are too. However, no product is perfect and the Xbox One is no exception to this rule. It will of course get better, just the Xbox 360 did before, but there will be some growing pains along the way. There’s now a community effort on Reddit (and a dedicated website) where users are putting together their suggestions for how Microsoft can improve the Xbox One.

The website is Xbox Feedback ( and is based around this thread on Reddit. Issues and suggestions for the Xbox One are broken up into categories like hardware, software & UI, controller, DVD/Blu-ray, media, Kinect issues, Kinect suggestions, notifications, friends & recent players, snap & applications, Skype, TV/HDMI input issues, voice & sound options, display options, party chat, storage information, game suggestions, SmartGlass updates, and voice commands.

It’s hard to argue with the majority of the ideas/complaints listed on the site. For example, it would totally rock to have a battery indicator somewhere on the system, it would be good to see more than 6 achievements at a time, and it would be nice if the Kinect mic wasn’t on by default for multiplayer games. These are just a small sampling of feedback that the community has compiled so far.

Normally we don’t push community outreaches like this, but it’s hard to ignore when Major Nelson himself said the Xbox team was watching the site and Reddit thread. We look forward to seeing the Xbox One get better over time, but for now share us some of your fixes for the system.

Speaking of feedback, our mega Xbox One review will be up soon!

Source: Reddit, Xbox Feedback, Via: Winbeta