phil spencer

Phil Spencer, the leader of Microsoft's Xbox division, now says that the company's future plans for PC gaming won't be revealed until sometime in 2015.

During a segment on the latest episode of the Major Nelson Podcast, the subject of 2015 being a big year for Windows was brought up, in an obvious reference to the planned launch of Windows 10. Spencer said that in addition to his Xbox leadership duties, he's still in charge of the company's overall gaming plans. He stated, "We definitely haven't told our full story about gaming on Windows."

Spencer said that he thinks of gaming on both Xbox and Windows "in sync with one another". He stated, "We will have more to say in 2015. I think it can be a real good thing for gamers; the fact that Microsoft has a strong gaming presence on a PC and on their television."

Even though it might be disappointing to hear that we will have to wait a big longer to find out about Microsoft's PC gaming plans, it certainly makes sense for the company to hold off until they reveal more about their consumer plans for Windows 10. Also, let's not forget that Microsoft will launch DirectX 12, the next version of their PC gaming graphics API, alongside Windows 10 next year.

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Source: Major Nelson