Microsoft's Xbox leader Phil Spencer took over the top spot in April 2014, but in a new interview he said he is still trying to regain the trust of former Xbox 360 fans who felt betrayed by decisions that were made, and later reversed, for the Xbox One console in 2013.

The interview, conducted this week at the GeekWire Summit, had Spencer stating that he attended the recent GameStop managers conference, and was told by store employees they still have customers coming asking if the Xbox One can play used games. That's shows the continued effect of decisions made by the former head of the Xbox division, Don Mattrick, who originally set up the Xbox One so that it had restrictions on playing used games. Those were pulled before the Xbox One went on sale in November 2013.

Spencer stated:

"Just to be clear, Xbox One has always played used games from day one. But that perception that gets set early on, because consumers have five seconds to internalise your brand and your message. Regaining that trust and the mindshare with the customer, the gamer, is incredibly difficult."

Spencer was also open when asked if the Xbox One could beat Sony's PlayStation 4 in sales:

"You know, I don't know. The length of the generation... They have a huge lead and they have a good product."

Having said that, Spencer says he is now less concerned with beating Sony in sales and more concerned with gaining more customers for the Xbox One. One way that might happen is with the console's upcoming backwards compatibility feature with older Xbox 360 games. Spencer stated, " ... the fact that our system plays games you already own is a big selling point."

Source: GeekWire