Now that Twin Blades is back where it belongs (on the Marketplace), new games can start making their way to Xbox Live. Next week’s release is an exciting one: Beards and Beaks from Microsoft Game Studios.

Beards and Beaks is an action-strategy title in which murders of cute but evil crows are invading peaceful Gnome Town to rob it of its riches. Crows are such jerks, don’t you think? Except for Brandon Lee, he was okay. Anyway, Beards and Beaks gives players an army of gnomes to command by flicking them all over the screen. Collecting mushrooms allows the player to unleash special powers. With simple controls and charmingly unique art style, this game could easily appeal to fans of Plants vs. Zombies and fun.

Beards and Beaks is notable for being the first Windows Phone game to be developed and produced by Microsoft Game Studios. Previous games were actually developed covertly by third parties, operating under the cover of night.

Beards and Beaks will be available on Wednesday, July 13 for the gnome-sized price of $2.99.