Pocket God

Now that some high quality games like Feed Me Oil are launching at the 99 cent price point, would you consider buying a crummy iPhone port for twice the cost? That’s what we get for the latest Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Pocket God from ngmoco:). It’s on sale again for $1.99, down from $2.99.

Pocket God started as an iPhone game from Bolt Creative. In addition to its cute art and humor, the iOS game is known for its frequent episodic updates, which add new environments, minigames, and other fun content, all for free (vanity PDLC packs are also available). ngmoco:), who handles both the Windows Phone and Android ports of Pocket God, simply hasn’t shown a commitment to maintaining parity with the primary version.

The Windows Phone Pocket God in particular is plagued with semi-broken Achievements like ‘Shark Snap – God,’ whose description reads “Score over 100 shark snaps” but actually requires a ludicrous 1,000 snaps. The game hasn’t been updated in over a year, despite a promise from the developers last April. As a result, our version lags at least 8 episodes behind the superior iPhone game (which sell for 99 cents).

In ngmoco:)’s defense, the Xbox Live certification process is notoriously laborious and frustrating for developers. The situation seems to have improved somewhat since December, when we saw an explosion of title updates. That said, the floodgate still hasn’t allowed Revolution’s extremely long-delayed update to pass. I understand all that, but speaking as a consumer, it’s just not cool to sell a much inferior product for a higher price. Given Pocket God’s glitchiness and lack of content, a permanent price drop is in order, not a small sale.

Pocket God is on sale for $1.99 for one week only. Get it here on the Marketplace.

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