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Games often receive title updates when they have major glitches or bugs that need squashing. But sometimes updates just make little tweaks for other reasons. Such is the case with this week’s Dodonpachi Maximum update.

Dodonpachi Maximum version 1.1 release notes:

  • Players can now choose whether to launch the laser bombs automatically upon getting hit when the laser bomb gauge is full.
  • Demo version only: The number of enemies' bullets and types of bullets have been significantly decreased to make it easier to avoid getting hit.

 Kantaro Fumoto of CAVE explains:

“These changes were made so that beginners of the genre or newcomers to the series can better understand and get used to the game before deciding to purchase the full version.”

Previously, Autobomb was enabled by default – the update just allows you to toggle it off in case you’d prefer to hold onto your bomb after dying. It’s interesting to see the demo getting a difficulty tweak. As a non-hardcore shoot-em-up fan, I wish they’d make the real game a bit easier overall. But I know many shmup players love the genre’s punishing difficulty, bless their hearts.

Dodonpachi Maximum is one of only two known mobile Xbox Live games developed in Japan (the other being the stellar Final Fantasy). See our review for more details, or grab it here on the Marketplace. The full game costs $4.99, but there is a freshly-adjusted free trial.

Thanks to Tal Funke-Bilu for the tip. Good luck with those Achievements!

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