The last two weeks haven’t been great for Xbox Live gamers since no new games were released during that time. Things will take a turn for the better this Wednesday with the release of Jet Car Stunts from Australian developer True Axis.

First announced before Windows Phone 7 actually launched, Jet Car Stunts has been a long time in coming. It’s a stunt-oriented racing game whose best along might be XBLA/PS3/PSP title GripShift. Players hop in a race car take on jump-filled floating tracks in Platforming Mode, take part in more traditional races in Time Trial Mode, or just go stunt-crazy in the brand-new Freestyle Mode. Jet Car Stunts uses simple touch-screen controls which can be configured in 6 different ways.

Check back later today when we’ll present a mini-interview with the developer and the exclusive premiere of more Jet Car Stunts screenshots. Jet Car Stunts launches on Wednesday October 19 for $2.99.