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Since its release in May, Chaotic Moon’s Xbox Live title Enigmo has suffered from an unattainable Achievement. I noted in our Broken Achievements article that the developers had submitted a patch to fix the problem immediately after the game’s release. As the months went by, it seemed like Microsoft would never approve the update.

Today things finally change, as the Enigmo version 1.1 patch is now live! The patch regrettably does not add Fast App Switching support – after all, it has languished in certification hell since May, long before Mango became a reality. But it does fix the broken Achievement, ‘Mad Scientist,’ meaning the game’s full 200 GamerScore can now be earned by all. Just beat level 50 or start a new game and complete a level after having beaten level 50 to unlock it.

The length of time it took Microsoft to approve a very simple fix (7 months) is extremely worrying. Whenever a major problem arises in a game, be it a broken Achievement or a game-killing glitch, the big MS’s first priority should be getting the fix out to consumers. Having a sandwich, taking a nap, having about 200 more sandwiches, and then publishing the update is not good for anyone involved. The developers loses sales from negative word of mouth and awareness of the game’s issues, Microsoft themselves lose the cut they would get from those sales, and gamers become dissatisfied with developer and publisher alike. A rethinking of the update certification policy may be in order.

But enough complaining! Let’s just be happy that Enigmo is working right at long last. As our review states, it’s a fine physics-based puzzler with 3D graphics and a catchy soundtrack. Enigmo costs $2.99 and you can find it here on the Marketplace.

Thanks to Selas Dray for the tip!