Although Xbox LIVE Extras is now basically just the Xbox LIVE Marketplace app (seriously, they should just rename it), we're sure there's a handful of you who may need to dress your avatar on the go. If that's the case, the Mango version of the app went live recently, hitting v7.1.

Since loading Mango back in June, there has always been a "beta" version for Mango in the Marketplace, but this looks to have been recompiled with the latest SDK, enabling fast app switching and more language support including Japanese. It's also significantly smaller now, weighing in at just 8MB as opposed to the old version which was 30MB--of course that's partially because Extras is more stripped down now. But if you need this badboy ASAP, grab it here in the Marketplace.

Thanks, András Velvárt & Vlad D., for the heads up!