It's starting to happen folks: Microsoft's Xbox LIVE catalog is getting a Mango refresh, meaning more languages and just as exciting, fast-resume support for app switching.

The first game to get this is the freebie Flowerz. The game was just recently bumped to v1.2 and now features Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Czech and more languages on board, matching Mango's language expansion. In addition, we were able to confirm on our Mango phones that indeed, fast-app switching is working, meaning this was recompiled with the 7.1 dev tools.

What's interesting is that Flowerz was the very first Xbox LIVE game in the Marketplace, meaning we may expect this to happen in a sequential ordering (at least for the older games). Very cool, very cool...

Grab Flowerz here in the Marketplace to give it a go.

via: Professeur Thibault