Hooray! After a nice 18-20 hour delay, Game Room: Lunar Lander is now finally available in the Marketplace. While not many are expecting great things from this game, there's no reason not to try it, just in case.

The game fetches for $2.99 and as always, here's your link to the Marketplace. As our resident gaming expert Paul Acevedo notes:

Lunar Lander is a classic 1979 arcade game from Atari. Gamers pilot the titular spacecraft as they attempt to set down safely on the moon. Land on a crag or come down too fast and it’s curtains for the little lander, kind of like the opening of Superman II. Poor astronauts!

As a Game Room title, Lunar Lander comes equipped with friends and global leaderboards that are shared with the Xbox 360 and PC versions. Integration between the various platforms is one of the Windows Phone Game Room games’ strengths: medals and playtime earned in this version carry over to the others and vice-versa. It also has a 3D arcade cabinet replica.

Lunar Lander isn’t a game that anyone was crying out for to be released on Windows Phone, especially not as the only new Xbox Live title in a given week. But it’s here now (after a bit of a Marketplace delay), and we might as well try the demo for ourselves before deciding on a purchase.

We're still waiting on The Harvest dropping to $4.99 as the 'Deal of the Week' but our friend Matthew Miller of ZDNet mentions he's seeing it, so just a matter of time.