With all the news of new phones and 4G LTE speeds coming out of CES, let us not forget about the nearly as exciting world of Xbox Live game updates. After all, if you bought a buggy game, you’re probably worried more about getting it working right than upgrading to a new phone. On that note, Psionic Games has kindly provided information on the recent Ghostscape update.

Ghostscape version 1.1 release notes:

  • Fixed translation error in the Spanish build that was causing lockups
  • Issues with gameplay elements like orbs not appearing or resetting properly have been addressed

Before the update, items sometimes wouldn’t spawn or players wouldn’t get credit for finding all of the collectibles. Those problems should be a thing of the past, so now you can play through the game freely without fear of missing out on Achievements. WPCentral has also learned that the developers have another update in store which will add free ringtones and perhaps a few UI improvements.

Ghostscape is a first-person horror-themed adventure game. It’s short and has delightfully easy Achievements – see our review for more details..

Psionic Games’ Ghostscape costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Brave souls can get it here on the Marketplace.

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