Didn’t get enough ghosts in last week’s Xbox Live title, Ghostscape? This week’s release deals with the afterlife as well, though it’s a completely different sort of game. Hasta La Muerte, from French developer Pohlm Studio, comes to Xbox Live on Wednesday, December 7.

In Hasta la Muerte, players control one of death’s emissaries. The emissary travels through a sort of purgatory, freeing the souls of the dead. Take too long to save them and they become cursed souls, attacking you. The game uses tilt for movement, which seems to work pretty well.

Hasta la Muerte contains over 30 levels, with unique boss encounters every 5 levels. Once you have unlocked friendly SoulPets, you can go back to previous levels and use the Pets’ abilities to try for better ratings.

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Of course, the main reason we’re excited about Hasta la Muerte is its beautiful European art style. The emissary and souls alike are represented by simple abstract figures. Combined with the stark, almost colorless levels, the game feels very different and otherworldly. Let's hope it plays as good as it looks!

Hasta la Muerte crosses over into our world on December 7. No word on pricing, but we'll find out soon enough.