We’ve been following Shoot1UP, the vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up from Mommy’s Best Games and Microsoft Studios, for quite a while now. We first previewed the game way back in October 2011, and most recently got some hands-on time with it at E3. Thankfully Shoot1UP’s release finally draws near, as it lands this very month. Details and official trailer after the break.

Every shmup needs something to differentiate it from the pack. Shoot1UP stands out by allowing players to amass huge hordes of ships (1UPs), all blasting away simultaneously. Naturally  your fleet of ships will need to take down massive alien bosses, brought to life with a bizarre hand-drawn art style. Enhancements not found in the original XBLIG version include a new stage, a third playable ship, Score Tilt mode (which speeds up or slows down the game depending on the angle of the phone), and free ringtones.

Shoot1UP looks like it will easily hold its own against the other two mobile Xbox Live shoot-em-ups, the brutal Dodonpachi Maximum and the fairly mediocre OMG: Our Manic Game. We'll find out soon! It launches Wednesday, August 22 for $2.99.