The Sims 3 lead

Nobody can be right all the time, and in this case I’m glad to have been mistaken. A few weeks ago, we reported that The Sims 3 Mango update would not include bug fixes. Yet the update went live this week and it does indeed polish things up nicely. Chalk this one up to crossed wires, folks. :)

The Sims 3 version 1.1 release notes

  • Added Fast App Switching support
  • Fixed some connectivity crashes
  • Fixed a bug where the game would delete your save file and/or not let you save in a specific slot again
  • Fixed a whole host of Achievement issues in which specific Achievements would not unlock for a variety of reasons
  • Minor issues tweaked (localization and Back button functionality)

Nice! In our review, I complained about the bugginess of the Achievements and how you had to be online to earn them. The save data glitch was especially troubling. The game always had somewhat lengthy loading times, which Fast App Switching alleviates somewhat. With those things taken care of, The Sims 3 should be much more enjoyable to play.

The Sims 3 costs $6.99 (ouch!) and there is a free trial. Pick it up here on the Marketplace.

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