Shoot 1UP for Windows Phone

As expected, the Xbox Live for Windows Phone game Shoot 1UP landed in the Marketplace this morning. The vertically scrolling shoot-em up game from Mommy's Best Games and Microsoft Studios was first spotted at E3 and made a nice first impression.

Shoot 1UP's claim to fame is that unlike other shoot-em up games where you battle the enemy with one ship, Shoot 1UP allows players to build up groups of ships to take on the enemy at the same time. Instead of earning extra lives, you earn extra ships.

Shoot 1UP

Features for Shoot 1UP includes:

  • Command up to thirty ships at the same time
  • Ship formation can be spread out or held tight by touch
  • Weapons upgrades become available as you collect more shops
  • Two game modes: Campaign and Score Tilt

Another new feature that Shoot 1UP brings to the table is a new Xbox LIVE graphic for the game's title. It's the Windows Phone 8 version and will be the new style going forward.

We've only had a few minutes to tinker with Shoot 1UP and it comes across as a fast paced, total destruction, shoot-em up game. It's kinda fun controlling multiple ships at once and spread the formation out to wreak more devastation on the enemy ships.

There is a free trial version available to let you try Shoot 1UP before you buy. The full version is currently running $2.99 and you can find Shoot 1UP here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Look for a full review on Shoot 1UP shortly.

Thanks, @lifelower, for the tip!

QR: Shoot 1UP